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Hope, Comfort, and Healing

Community Outreach


Naperville Interfaith Leader Association is a consortium of clergy and lay leaders of all religious traditions committed to understanding, learning from, and standing in collegiality and solidarity with each other to advance and advocate for common concerns.

Recent Events:

Upcoming Event: January 6th, World Peace Day

For more information: see their homepage here

Feed My Starving Children

A Christian non-profit organization that coordinates the packaging and distribution of food to people in developing nations, reaching more than 70 countries.

For more information: see their homepage here

Loaves and Fishes

A non-profit organization that serves local poverty issues in the community by providing food and leadership by uniting and mobilizing resources to empower people to be self-sufficient. 

Recent Events: donations of food and money will be collected in the foyer throughout the month of November.

Congratulations, we've donated over 100 pounds of food and $475!

For more information: see their homepage here

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