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Hope, Comfort, and Healing

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For Members:

To access membership information such as By-Laws, Committee Reports, or Church Meeting Minutes, first log in by selecting the upper right icon, labeled "Log In." Information is available under the "Members" tab.

If you are having difficulty logging in: read the instructions shown below in blue, by clicking on "click here"

For Executive Board Members:

To access church board information such as financial reports or minutes, log in and select the tab "Board Only" which will appear to the left of the "Membership" tab.

For answers to the following frequently asked questions - click here

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3.) What to do with the error message "Login has failed"
4.) I can't remember my username /email, How can I log in?
5.) I can't remember my password, How can I log in?
6.) How do I log out?
7.) How can I reset my password (assuming I know my old password)?
8.) What does "remember me" under Log-in mean? Should I use this?

9.) How do I change my profile information, such as address and phone number?


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